My husband and I started Committed 2 Business - A Hervey Bay Bookkeeping Business - with the view of sharing our years of combined experience with other business owners. We both have our strengths that complement each other perfectly. This allows us to cover many important areas within a business.  Our method is to view your business as a whole and attempt to identify issues that could be holding the business back.  Sometimes when the business owner works within the business day after day they are not able to identify potential problems until it is too late.  We view with an objective set of eyes and most of the time any issues that exist can be quite obvious. Others, not so much. Plans and strategies can then be put in place to rid the business of these issues that have the potential to bring the business down.

Generally it starts with the preparation of a solid chart of accounts that are kept up to date regularly. We examine methods the business uses to control debtors and creditors. Also, putting strategies in place to get the business in a positive cash flow position.  Cash flow projections can be provided for forward planning.

We are very much more than a bookkeeping service.  You have nothing to lose by having a chat with us.   


Mission Statement

To assist businesses with growth by helping them understand the numbers.  To have the best interest of your business at heart whilst always acting in good faith with honesty and integrity.


Bookkeeping Hervey Bay


Committed 2 Business can tailor business packages to suit the individual needs of the client.  You may choose from a list of options such as sales and purchase processing, bank reconciliations or payroll.

Human Resource advice, Business Activity Statements and Instalment Activity Statements lodgement.  Cash flow strategies, budget set up and all the related reports.  So by the tailoring of packages to the individual needs of the business, ensures you get help where needed. (more…)


Committed 2 Business is a Hervey Bay Bookkeeping business.  We offer Cloud Bookkeeping Services.  Our aim is to assist our customers to better understand the data and numbers. Accurate data entry is paramount to retrieving reports that you, the business owner can rely on.  Ask any successful business person if they rely heavily on reports.  I guarantee the answer will be “Yes” almost every time.

A successful business friend of ours puts this simply “You could be going broke and not even realise”

Therefore, would you like to know what your expenses are going to be next week, month or quarter? Are you often wondering, or should we say stressed over where the money is going to come from? (more…)


BAS – Business Activity Statements and PAYG/IAS documentation lodgement.  More services proudly offered by Committed 2 Business.   Accurate data entry ensures your business only pays the required amount of taxes to the ATO.

Accurate and reliable service you expect for your business, then don’t go past Committed 2 Business.  We provide good old fashioned and trusted service within the specified time frames.  Committed 2 Business also offers catch up services.  We are more than happy to get in and help you deal with outstanding compliance issues.  We assist you put the pressure behind you enabling you to get on with running the business.  (more…)


Staff are an important resource for your business. We can assist with payroll runs as well as information on wage rates and award conditions.   Setting up your payroll and training your staff is another service we provide.  It is important in business to be aware of Australian work place laws. Our membership with a leading HR and employment relations service ensures we are giving you the right advice.  (more…)


Committed 2 Business can assist you with Business Start Up.  Installation of software and strategies so your dream can become a reality.

It is very important to have your business set up correctly in the beginning.  Achieving this is possible by having all the necessary facts on hand. Also having the correct business structure is important.  Whether or not to register for GST.  What type of vehicle will suite your tax situation as well as the work requirements.  Setting up of office and record keeping.  What systems will work best for you.  These are just a few of the tasks we can assist with. (more…)


I have spent my entire career in positions where helping and assisting my colleagues were paramount.  It was necessary for the success of the business. Working within large corporations allowed me the flexibility to cross over into a variety of roles.  From IT support, training, software development, system integrations, office management, finance and payroll/HRimage of Michele our bookkeeper from shoulders up.

I also understand that running your own business can be the most demanding job you will probably ever have.  Do you feel you’re just marching up and down on the spot?  The fact, keeping the finances can be overwhelming.  As well as sometimes quite hard to understand?  Unsure whether you can afford another staff member or just give up more free time to complete the work.
If you're caught up with the day to day mechanics of your business, you may not achieve the desired results.  This can also result in burn out and your dream business will be a burden not a joy. It is a very exciting time to be in business as a result of the introduction of cloud software.  The need to employ staff just to control the financial side of your business is becoming obsolete.

At Committed 2 Business we understand those challenges.  Let us help streamline the financial aspects of your business so you can get on with what you do best.
The technology is here, let’s use it to your advantage.  Looking forward to connecting with you and discussing how we can assist. Head to our contact page and we will be in touch.  


With Regards, Michele