About Us

BAS Agent Services Hervey Bay

Committed 2 Business offers full BAS Agent Services, along with a variety of other business, and associated bookkeeping services.  These can all be tailored to the individual needs of the client.  Although Hervey Bay based, modern technology enables us to help businesses all over Australia.

Michele is a Registered BAS Agent with the ATO.

We can map out and implement a suitable Chart of Accounts to ensure your transactions are correctly classified.  The Chart of Accounts is like the building blocks of your accounting software which assists in generating meaningful reports.

Profit and Loss, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow and Budget reports allow you to monitor the financial activities of your business.  Reports are like X-ray images, so the better you understand them, the clearer the image.  They allow the health of the business to be closely monitored.  Staying at optimal health gives the business the best chance of strong growth.

Having cash flow problems, you can’t solve.  Catching up on the book work after hours or struggling to sort piles of paperwork?  We hear your pain and would love the opportunity to assist you.

Committed 2 Business understands the challenges of running your own business.  There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day.  So seeking professional help and advice is an easy investment to make, for huge reward.

We use cloud based products, smart software and streamlined systems.  As a result our team has the ability to assist you in your business without the need to be on-site.

Our goal here at Committed 2 Business is to “Help you understand the numbers”.

Follow the link to our contact page and we can advise what other services we can provide.